Constitutional committee will not solve Syrian crisis, confrontations in al-Hol between ISIS, Kurdish fighters

The UN envoy to Syria stressed that the constitutional committee will not solve the Syrian crisis alone, and warned of the specter of regional explosion because of it

On Tuesday morning, Arab press touched upon the Syrian constitutional committee, and the threat of foreign women of ISIS in al-Hol camp.

Al-Anba: Pederson warns of regional explosion: "Constitutionalism" will not solve the Syrian crisis alone

Regarding Syria, Al-Anba newspaper warned that the UN envoy to Syria, Geir Pederson, warned that "the specter of the regional explosion because of the Syrian crisis is still looming," stressing that "suffering continues in Syria and despair is widespread among Syrians." Pederson said in a briefing to the Security Council on developments related to the file, especially the constitutional committee, which announced the completion of the quorum, that this committee will not solve the Syrian crisis alone. He considered that «the Syrian people will approve the new constitution».

He added that «the constitutional committee will prepare a draft paving for a political solution», stressing «we have worked to provide guarantees that the Syrian constitutional committee will not be subjected to any harassment».

Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moualem said he did not rule out discussing a new constitution in the meetings of the constitutional committee, rejecting any ready-made constitution that could be imposed by outside parties.

He explained that any existing constitution, when amended article or two becomes a new constitution because it will be submitted to a referendum, saying that «the dispute is a formality and not substantive».

Al-Sharq al-Awsat: Confrontations in al-Hol camp between ISIS and Kurdish fighters

As for the threat of foreign ISIS in al-Hol camp, Al-Sharq al-Awsat newspaper said, "Violence and riots broke out yesterday in al-Muhajirat sector in al-Hol camp, located ,40, east of al-Hasakah city, resulted in the killing an immigrant woman and wounding at least seven others, according to a security source. He attributed the events to the fact that women of foreign nationality set up al-Hesba system in the terrorist organization "Daesh" where they prosecute women for going out without legal dress or taking off the veil

According to a security source who narrated about al-Muhajirat section in al-Hol camp, ISF received complaints from immigrant women who live in the sector against others who have set up secret courts. He said: «After the communication, a patrol from the General Security and entered the immigrant sector and searched for the women involved, to be surprised by the mutiny of some of them and resisted the patrol by shooting, which surprised the patrol, how they got them». The incident resulted in the death of an immigrant woman carrying a machine gun, according to the source, seven others were seriously injured as local security forces attempted to control the violence, 50 women were arrested whom suspected of involvement in the work and the establishment of secret courts.

Al-Arab: US Air Force puts Qatari base of al -Udeid aside

Qatari, Al-Arab newspaper said, "An urgent transfer of the Joint Air and Space Operations Command Center from the base of al-Udeid in Qatar was revealed to the US territory. A number of disturbing facts of the Qatari leadership and raised concerns that amounted to "panic," according to the words of a Gulf military expert commented on the topic on condition who did not want to be named.

The Washington Post said in a report that the US military closed the said center at al-Udeid base in Qatar for about 24 hours, amid rising tensions with Iran.

In an undisclosed operation, the center was transferred last Saturday to the Shaw base in southeastern Carolina, the first time the center was moved out of the region after its establishment in Saudi Arabia in 1991, the report said.

The military expert said that the first Qatari concern about this sudden US action, despite its temporary nature, confirmed that Qatar is unsafe with the presence of the huge US base on its territory, and that the United States is ready to leave this country to its fate in the event of the current tensions in the region to an armed clash.



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