​​​​​​​Continued educational process despite attacks in Ad-Derbasiyah

The Educational process in the areas of North and East of Syria has gone through several stages since the outbreak of the Syrian north revolution. The educational revolution in the areas of AA has risen from the heart of the Syrian crisis, and has made remarkable development and progress, Ad-Darbasiyah area is one of those areas whose components are taught in their language, and the Turkish occupation attacks were unable to stop the educational process in it.

Despite the attacks of the Turkish occupation on NE, Syria, the educational reality in the region continues to progress and develop, and the year 2019-2020 was considered a year of progress, despite the occupation primarily targeting the peoples' fraternity in the area to strike the culture and language of its components.

Ad-Darbasiyah district in al-Hasakah district is one of the border areas in northern Syria, and it is 75 km from the city of al-Hasakah. It has been attacked by the Turkish occupation army in the past months, and all components of Kurds, Arabs and Syriacs live on the one hand, and every component receives education in its mother tongue.

On the one hand, all teachers undergo training courses during the summer vacation, or as they are known as the teacher qualification course, to ensure that the educational process proceeds well, and that students learn the lessons professionally.

Students are taught in the areas of north and east Syria for years on the evaluation system, meaning students are evaluated instead of final exams, and the failure and success of the student is determined by the teacher’s assessment of the student, and the student is evaluated during school hours, his behavior and his participation in the lessons.

This step comes after researching with specialists in the Education Body in north and east of Syria, as confirmed by the administrators to ANHA's agency.

The administrator of the school's committee in Ad-Derbasiyah district said "Education is considered an important thing for the development of societies,"

Aziza pointed out, "The attacks of the Turkish occupation state that were targeting schools directly, and led to the closure of schools for days, but we compensated the students with the lessons that they were deprived of due to the Turkish aggression on Ad-Darbasiyah."



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