Continuous projects, plans are underway in Sheikh Maksoud

The People's Municipality in al-Sheikh Maksoud neighborhood in Aleppo city continues efforts to implement projects serving the people and improving the neighborhood's reality. The municipality carried out projects, and others are still underway, in addition to keeping in view service plans.

The People's Municipality in Sheikh Maksoud neighborhood of Aleppo has implemented many projects that serve the people and others are underway in schedule of work, such as rehabilitation and maintenance of roads, the rehabilitation of the stadium and the swimming pool of athletes, and the work to clean the basements and water suction, as well as the rehabilitation of sewage networks.

In coincidence with summer and high temperature, many projects and plans will be implemented to serve the citizens.

Many projects are in progress

After the return of life to the neighborhood of al-Ashrafieh, which witnessed 5 years of fighting and shelling, the workers began to restore al-Istiqama Park, which was majorly exposed to shells, as working began with the settlement of the park's ground and then planted seedlings, trees, and flowers, in addition to the opening of a section for a theme park and the opening of a cafeteria for the people.

On the other hand, the municipality started a project to renovate the shrine of martyrs and tombs in the village of Beno in al-Shekayyef region, where walls are being built around the graves and trees are being planted.

Plans drawn up by the municipality

The shells that inflicted the neighborhood by the Turkish occupation's mercenaries made things worse in the neighborhood due to the torrential rains in winter, which negatively affected the roads, so the People's Municipality has drawn up a plan to restore the main roads.

The Co-chair of the People's Assembly in Sheikh Maksoud neighborhood Mehdi Bilal said, "We will maintain the main streets of the neighborhood on one stage, while the sub-roads will be on several stages due to the difficulty of securing raw materials."

According to him, the roads repair plan will take about three months of work because of the difficulty of having machineries and securing the necessary materials.



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