Contradictory US statements mixed reactions

The media has issued conflicting statements to the White House and the Pentagon on the decision to withdraw US troops from northern Syria, while Britain objected to US statements. In the meantime, Aldar Khalil, through our agency, called on all the Kurdish people and the peoples of the region to step up the resistance.


Reuters, as well as the Wall Street Journal, reported the US intention to withdraw its troops from northern Syria, followed by the US President Donald Trump speech, justifying what the media outlets quoted on the decision to withdraw the US troops from Syria, "We defeated IS in Syria , and this is my only justification for being present there during my presidency."

Contradictory statements from the Pentagon

At the same time, the US Defense Department's spokesman Robert Manning made false the news and said that his country would continue to work with its partners in the region. However, a subsequent statement by the Pentagon confirmed America's intention to withdraw its forces.

The White House: Our soldiers in Syria began to return home

After the first statement by the Pentagon, a new statement from the White House said, "Our soldiers in Syria started to return home."

Republican Senator: Withdrawal is a fatal mistake

The first opposing reaction to the sudden US decision to withdraw from Syria came from within the Republican Party that the President Donald Trump belongs to according to the Senator Lindsey Graham.

"The withdrawal of the small American power from Syria is a big mistake similar to the policies of the former President Barack Obama, and will have repercussions, stressing that the final defeat of IS in Iraq and Syria has not been completed, adding that Trump is right to contain the expansion of Iran, but the withdrawal of the troops undermines this effort."

Britain rejects: IS did not end

The British Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson said, "Britain opposes the US move to withdraw its troops from Syria, noting, "We strongly oppose the speech of the US President Donald Trump about the defeat of IS mercenaries."

Netanyahu: We will defend ourselves in this arena

The Israeli position according to the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, "This is a US decision. We will examine the timetable for this decision, the method of its implementation and of course, we will also examine the consequence for us. In any case, we will work to preserve Israel's security and we will defend it."

Aldar Khalil: The peoples of the region will defend themselves by relying on their own power

After the American statements, the official of the Diplomatic Relations Committee in the Democratic Society Movement, Aldar Khalil, called on all the Kurdish people and the peoples of northern Syria to rely on their own strength, to escalate the struggle to the highest levels and to respond to all forms of the attacks.

Khalil pointed out that the peoples of the region have fought the terrorist gangs, and that these peoples and the protection forces will also confront and defend themselves against the attacks of genocide either from the Turkish state or on the other hand, relying on their own forces.

At the end of his statement, Khalil called on all the Kurdish people to work now to turn all fields into fields of struggle against any possible occupying attempts or attacks.



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