Cooperatives: Fish will fulfill breeders’ needs

The Cooperative Societies Office is launching the fish farms project for the community, in the hands of the working of al-Tabqa after being rehabilitated.


The Office started working on the preparation of studies required for the project since about a month, which included the full economic feasibility, especially that the project is sponsored by the Economic Body in al-Tabqa area and with remarkable civil participation.

The first steps to remove the actual debris have been launched, in addition to the processing of aquariums that are supposed to embrace groups of carp fish known for its quality.

These fish aquariums consist of two groups each containing 10 breeding and fattening cages.

The capacity of the aquarium is between 2 - 5 tons of carp fish.

"The aim of such projects is to create employment opportunities for al-Tabqa people, after seven years of war, al-Tabqa needs support.”

Fish farms are expected to supervise a group of up to 30 workers seeking to earn a living for their families.




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