Corona Crisis Cell takes preventive measures in the Euphrates region

The Corona pandemic crisis cell in the Euphrates region held a meeting to discuss preventive measures and measures that could limit the spread of this pandemic in the region, after recording infections in the neighboring Jazeera region.

Related to the series of measures taken by the Autonomous Administration to reduce the spread of the Corona virus in its regions, the Crisis Formed Crisis Cell to meet the Corona pandemic held a meeting to discuss the measures and decisions that will be applied in the region to limit the entry of the epidemic into the region.

The meeting was held in the presence of the Presidency of the Executive Council for Autonomous Administration in the Euphrates region, Muhammad Shaheen, in addition to the presidency of the Interior Ministry in Busan Khalil, the co-chair of the Local Administration and Environment Authority, Roshin Mahmoud, the co-chair of the Health Authority Ahmed Mahmoud and representatives of the Internal Security Forces (Asayîş).

The attendees discussed the measures that must be taken to prevent the spread of the epidemic in the region, and the discussions led to the following decisions: “Preventing gatherings in parks, banning cafeterias and restaurants and closing universities and schools, closing all border crossings except in exceptional cases, and the latter are placed in quarantine, students coming from other areas are allowed to return after being quarantined until it is confirmed that they do not hold the virus. "

It is expected to take other preventive measures such as sterilizing the city's streets and its towns and forming an urgent medical cell to start activating the quarantine rooms in anticipation of any emergency.



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