Coronavirus shakes world order! 

Since the beginning of the Coronavirus crisis, analyses have been flowing incessantly on the future of the "capitalist" world order and the reality it has created for the peoples of the world, all of which have agreed that "the world order after the Coronavirus is unlike before".

"Coronavirus" crisis subject the world order according to political analysts to a real test, dealt with such a failure, culminated in what was called the "war of muzzles" and the accusations between western countries after taking over shipments of medical muzzles supplies were on their way to other countries.

"War of muzzles" between the Allies!

French officials said that "an American group working for the U.S. government" offered a three-times higher price than France  for a muzzle shipment that have been sent from Shanghai, China, to Paris," French "BFM TV " reported.

Earlier, the British newspaper, The Guardian revealed that German authorities accused Washington of "seizing 200,000 muzzles" on its way from China to Berlin, as the shipment was seized at an airport in Thailand, after it changed its route to Washington.

Berlin State, Interior Minister, Andreas Giselle commented: "What has happened is one of the facets of modern piracy... This is not a way to deal with NATO partners.

The American behavior is brutal." Brazilian Health Minister, Luiz Henrique Mandita also declared that "attempts by the Brasilia region  to buy gloves and muzzles from China failed after the United States sent its largest cargo aircraft to China, to transport materials."

The nuggets of this war also arrived in Canada, after the U.S. administration forced 3M, the manufacturer of masks and respirators, and the largest suppliers to Canada and Latin America, to stop exporting its products and abide by the Defense Production Act to increase its domestic production, in the face of scarce medical supplies in the USA.

Turkish customs seized a plane loaded with respirators en route from China to Spain, seizing the respirators that Spain urgently needed to stop the bleeding of victims of the deadly pandemic.

In detail, the Spanish Foreign Ministry accused the Turkish authorities of seizing the plane carrying 162 respirators to treat corona patients, and Spanish Foreign Minister Gonzalez Laia said - as quoted by al-Arabiya news channel, on Saturday - that the Turkish government is holding in Ankara a shipment of medical supplies purchased from China are coming to Spain.

The capitalist system has been dealing with medical institutions as a means of profit

Since the beginning of the Corona outbreak in the world. The characteristics of the global capitalist system have been on the horizon; seeing the poor without medical care, which revealed the ugly face of the capitalist system and too much talk about was about it.

"Science and production techniques were previously separate dissonant, so that they developed in their own way," But they joined powers for the first time in conjunction with the industrial revolution. Thus, science went from being a target, falling to the rank of instrument. The tools of science have brought with it the degradation of society as well." says the leader, Abdullah Ocalan in his book " Capitalist City".

"Capitalist monopolies are institutions that focus all their attention on overproduction and overvalue, wherever there is a stacked surplus, it smells instantly like crows and sneaks in there....when profit is imposed on manufacturing, everything get out of the way.... ". 

In the volume "The Kurdish Cause and the solution of the Democratic Nation", Ocalan says that capitalism has used unlimited technical progress in the service of its greatest profit tendencies, and continues, "How has the greatest  profitability reorganized the state in the body of the nation state as a mean for the maximum power, technical fortitude has also been organized in industrialism as an expression of the use of greater profit..

Corona undresses the capitalist system and shows the facts

As the outbreak of the coronavirus began to spread in the world, China was completely in crisis, with no prospect of controlling it, but in a short period of time, Beijing was able to control the spread of the virus and surround it not with its economic capabilities and capital, but through community consciousness, in a scene that seemed to be the culmination of Beijing's victory in this battle. 

On the other hand, the Western countries, led by Spain and Italy and America have sunk, exposing the vulnerability of the health systems and service sectors of the world's most powerful economies and occupying the throne of capitalism. 

In this context, Palestinian writer, Muhammed Abu Mahadi told Hawar News Agency that there are several facts revealed by the Corona pandemic, including the inability of governments to receive infected cases, medical equipment loss, lack of preparations for such disasters, and the failure of the policies it has pursued to address the pandemic that let human beings bet on their personal immunity.

The most important, according to Abu Mahadi, is that capitalist system is the first decision maker in most countries, so it sees the revival of the economy much more important than human life, he said, "We saw this among previous practices before Corona, global warming, climate change, wars, poverty and the looting of people's abilities for the benefit of a major elite. Oil and arms companies are proof of this and not all evidence."

 "The brutality of the capitalist system will increase the lethality of humanity and the vulnerable people sought to compensate for their losses. This unjust system will enter a more barbaric and greedy phase," Abu Mahadi said.

Speaking to Hawar News Agency, Palestinian writer Nasser Shabat estimates that the crisis has exposed the nature of the capitalist system based on the plundering of peoples, the private ownership of the means of production, and the selfish interest that develops and advances the interests of the people and the interests of the people, unlike the socialist system. He said that the global system of private enterprise aimed at growing profits for one layer, faced a real test, exposing all its weaknesses.

"For example, when Trump was elected, the latter found that there are many countries competing the U.S. production system, including China, Russia, Canada, Europe, for strengthening their control over global systems, America has sometimes prevented goods from Canada and other times it has created a trade war with China. Not far away, it put obstacles and closed the border with Mexico. All that aimed at strengthening America's capital, and Trump is part of that capital, and his decisions have been individualized as part of this system." 

He pointed out that the piracy on muzzles and medical supplies after America entered into a real crisis, showed the inability of the capitalist system, that it was a system that was doomed and used force in achieving its goals and showed the difficult paradox between massive spending on the military and economic sphere, as opposed to spending in the service and public spheres.

"The current world order is not governed by a value system, in the face of that, the poor are paying the bill for this crisis that the world order has put in it." 

He pointed out that it can be noted, paradoxically, that people like the Palestinian people in Gaza, which exceeds 2 million people, are the respirators are a handful, which are necessary to face this virus, on the other hand there are countries that have thousands of these devices, and as much as the crisis in which it is spreading, but they have huge capital that can "From moving sooner or later and helping them control the spread of the virus, while poor people face the wind and sit without any medical capabilities, in a clear example of what the world order cares about, which is money, not human beings."

He explained that this crisis has put the world order in a difficult reality: the force is based on service, social and health projects, not from the power of arms. For example, the poor of America, who do not find medicine and are not hospitalized without money, as is the case in some European countries.

"The Coronavirus paved the way for a new phase and a change in the level of the global system; where people will determine the type of global system, based on the level of service and medical projects.

There is no possibility for developing the capitalist modernity, change will come from the Middle East.

The strategy based on greater profit, put the United States of America and other European countries under the capitalist system, in a real crisis, but the question comes to mind: From this crisis that has shaken the milestones of the current international order, will a new order be born?

In the volume "Defending a People", Ocalan talks about the possibility of developing the capitalist modernism system and says, "There is no possibility that it can develop any more, whether in form or substance. There is no side or a corner left and exploited in both society and nature. All that has been achieved, has not exceeded the quantity. Society's tolerance with  this excessive manipulation results from the application of violence to it in such proportions as to the extent that it explodes the atom if applied to it. It has never happened  that another system has ever been so involved in the overlap between violence and war….Virtually, no new lands or societies can bypass American-led capitalism. Europe is now in a phase of self-criticism over the great devastation caused by the current regime. It is obliged to continue in this direction until the last. In Latin America, there are no historical or social conditions to be like second America. So her fate is tied to America's ultimate consequence. Africa is in a similar situation, but more backward. Western ocean shores, China and Japan, are likely to help America secure the system's process. They do not aim or aspire to new creative capitalism. They don't have the potential to do that. Therefore, they can be optimally applied. Russia recognizes that defeating the Soviets has a strategic dimension, and therefore has had to accept American support for it as a new policy. There is only the Middle East, the scourge. It is no coincidence that the Middle East is a scourge for the existing system, with its geography and culture. The chambers and cells of society lie here. This is where the roots of the initiators and the continuity of civilization are covered and their gods from here.... What we can say is that the developments in the Middle East are concerned and linked to the trend of the existing regime towards collapse and demise, but from the end. For this purpose, they require sound analysis, to be of the utmost importance. The points of refraction and contradictions are the squares where chaos intensifies and is concentrated. These squares probably play the role of the cradle and the function of the new pregnant uterus. Will the remains of the temples of Sumerian monks, which had already witnessed the birth of civilization, become a tomb this time?"



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