​​​​​​​Counter-Terrorism ... 6 ISIS sleeper cells arrested, weapons and explosives seized on third day

During the search operations on the third day of the "Counter-Terrorism" campaign, the Syrian Democratic Forces arrested 6 ISIS cell members and seized weapons and explosives.

The media center of the Syrian Democratic Forces revealed the outcome of the operations of the third day of the second phase of the "Counter-Terrorism" campaign, through a statement in which it said:

On its third day, our forces, the Syrian Democratic Forces, with the participation of the Internal Security Forces, the Border Guard Forces, the Women's Units, and the commandos units, in coordination with the International Coalition Forces, with ground and air support, are continuing the second phase of the campaign Counter-Terrorism that it is implementing in the areas of Deir ez-Zor to track down and pursue the ISIS terrorist.

During the incursions and search operations targeting the hideouts of terrorists and suspects, six people affiliated with ISIS were arrested.

Our forces seized Kalashnikov weapons and a number of mines that were prepared for use in later periods, as well as five phones and a laptop computer belonging to those cells.

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