Counting votes in a number of cities, HDP making progress

The Democratic People's Party (HDP) has made progress in several Kurdish cities after counting the results of a number of funds in Muş, Qers, Ardesh and the Dirk district of Mardin.

The results of the counting of a number of ballot boxes were revealed within the local elections that are taking place in Turkey and northern Kurdistan. The results were as follows:

Results Sort out the votes of 106 boxes in Muş area

8801 votes for the HDP

7922 votes for the AKP

Results Sort out the votes of 106 boxes in the region of Qers

4918 votes for the HDP

3727 for the National Movement Party

2844 votes for the Turkish Communist Party

3014 votes for the Republican People's Party

The results of the sorting of the votes of 19 boxes in Muş region

1923 votes for the HDP

1091 votes AKP

The results of the screening of some votes in the region of Dirk of Mardin

3730 votes for the HDP

945 votes for the AKP

Counting continues throughout Turkey and northern Kurdistan

The source: ANF.


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