Covid-19 regains its strength again, killing thousands of the people

The death toll from the Coronavirus has reached nearly 16.5 million infections worldwide, while the virus has killed nearly 654,000 people.

According to the latest figures and statistics, "Johns Hopkins University" death toll in the United States, which tops the list of countries most affected by the pandemic, to more than 148 thousand, while the death toll reached 4 million and more than 290 thousand so far.

In Brazil, the virus has killed nearly 88,000 people, and 2,244,000 infections have been recorded since the outbreak began.

Britain ranks third in the list of the most affected countries, where the pandemic resulted in killing nearly 46 thousand people, and the death toll exceeded 300 thousand.

In Mexico, which ranks fourth in the list of the most affected countries, Coronavirus has killed more than 44 thousand people, and the number of infected people reached 395 thousand infected.

In Italy, the death toll exceeded 35 thousand, and the number of infections persons reached more than 246 thousand, followed by India, which recorded 33.4 thousand deaths, while the number of infections approached 1.5 million.

France is ranked sixth with more than 30 thousand deaths since the start of the epidemic, while the number of those infected exceeded 220 thousand, followed by Spain, which recorded more than 28 thousand deaths, and 272 thousand cases of the virus.



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