Criticism of Erdogan is "evidence of terrorism"

Secret Turkish Foreign Ministry documents obtained by Nordic Monitor have revealed the alarming scope of clandestine operations by the government of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in targeting critical journalists who live in exile in Sweden.

Despite the EU's condemnation of Turkey, Erdogan's party insists on pursuing journalists critical of its policy.

A review of the government documents shows that tweets and articles published by the journalists were listed as evidence of terrorism, while at the same time Turkish authorities discreetly pondered ways to extradite the exiled journalists from Sweden through either bilateral relations or Interpol mechanisms.

According to one document dispatched by the Foreign Ministry’s intelligence section, officially called the Directorate General for Research and Security Affairs, the Stockholm-based non-profit organization Nordic Research and Monitoring Network (NRMN) was profiled as part of a terrorist organization.

The document, which was dated March 8, 2019 and numbered GİGY/2019-23122108, confirms the Foreign Ministry has in fact spied on the Swedish organization and its founders, who are exiled critics of Erdoğan’s oppressive regime.

NRMN runs the news website, which covers exclusive news on security, diplomacy, intelligence and military matters with a special focus on religious, ideological and ethnic extremist movements in Turkey. NRMN’s executive director is Abdullah Bozkurt, a veteran Turkish journalist who was forced to move abroad in 2016 to escape the Erdoğan government’s crackdown on freedom of the press in Turkey.

It is noteworthy, an annual EU report condemned Turkey and criticized Ankara's failure to show progress in key and crucial areas of accession to join EU, including the rule of law, fundamental rights, and freedoms.



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