Crowds in Qamishlo demand verifying leader's health

Today, a crowd of people from Qamishlo and Girkê Legê and Tirbespiyê went out in demonstrations, demanding the disclosure of the health status of Commander Ocalan, due to the latest updates by the Turkish media about his health.

Today, a crowd of Qamishlo gathered in front of the Muhammad Sheikho Center for Culture and Art in Qamishlo, to launch a march organized by the Syrian Revolutionary Youth and the Young Women’s Union, demanding to verify Ocalan's health situation after the Turkish occupation media reported deteriorating his health conditions in Imrali prison.

The marchers headed to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, chanting slogans calling for the freedom of the leader, waving the flags of the Revolutionary Youth Movement and the Young Women Union, and pictures of Ocalan.

After arrived at the United Nations Commission, a statement was read by the administrator of the Syrian Revolutionary Youth Movement, Newroz Haji Ali, who said: “We make it clear that the fascist Turkish state media updates, must be immediately clarified. Our existence of the leader's. Therefore, this isolation must be broken urgently and the freedom of Leader Apo must be guaranteed. "


The statement stressed: "Otherwise, every square will turn into an arena for uprisings, and the Turkish state and its allies will be responsible.

Girkê Legê

Hundreds of people of the district took part in a demonstration in order to demand the immediate disclosure of the leader's health.

The demonstration started from Martyr Khabat Square. The demonstrators carried pictures of Commander Ocalan, chanting slogans calling for his disclosure of his status.

The administrator in the Women's Youth Union said: “We have to know when the leader is isolated, it affects all the people who demand his freedom.”

She concluded her speech by saying: "We say to the international organizations that we will fight until we know the situation of our leader, because Ocalan's freedom is ours."

The demonstration ended with slogans calling for the freedom of Ocalan.


Dozens of people from district gathered in front of the Kongra Star Center in the east of the sub-district, raising pictures of Ocalan, amid chanting slogans greeting the leader and calling for an end to his isolation.

The co-chair of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) in the Tirbespiyê sub-district, Sabih Hadiya Shamo, gave a speech and indicated that the Turkish state is still continuing its policy against the Kurdish people and the leader Abdullah Ocalan and continues to impose isolation in Imrali prison. "

She noted that the continued isolation on Ocalan and preventing his lawyer and the medical staff from visiting him led to a deterioration of his health in prison, which angered the Kurdish people and the general peoples of northeast Syria, since the leader Ocalan is the owner of the principle of the democratic nation.

In the name of the district council, Nur al-Din Shaker, denounced the tight isolation of the leader Ocalan, and confirmed that depending on his approach and thought, they will continue to break the isolation and liberate him from the prisons of Turkish fascism.

At the end of his speech, Noureddine Shaker called on all international organizations and human rights organizations to take urgent action and intervene to check on the leader's health.

Cil Agha

Today, dozens of residents of Cil Agha district took to a demonstration to demand the disclosure of the health status of the leader Abdullah Ocalan and to denounce the isolation on him.

Dozens district gathered at the western entrance to the sub-district, waving pictures of Ocalan

The demonstration roamed the main street, amid chanting slogans greeting Ocalan.

Upon the arrival of the demonstrators to the Martyr Masum roundabout in the middle of the district, a member of the district council, Faisal Hassan, said: “The Turkish state, through its policy and imposing isolation on leader Abdullah Ocalan, aims to separate him from his people, but the peoples of North and East Syria have adopted his idea and will not stand idly by. Hands on these policies. "

Faysal Talib concluded his speech by the humanitarian organizations to intervene and put pressure on the Turkish state to lift the isolation from Commander Ocalan, quickly reveal his health status, and allow the medical staff to visit him.



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