Culture, Art Movement ends campaign to support Afrin liberation

After 8 consecutive days of artistic performances expressing people’s resistance and their adherence to the heritage of Afrin within the Resistance of the Age, the Culture and Art Movement ended its supporting activities to Afrin resistance in Khurbekeh village of Sherawa district.


Under the slogan “Struggle with the Democratic Nation’s Principles to Liberate Afrin,” the Culture and Art Movement began its campaign to support the liberation of Afrin on September 26 of this year to conclude its artistic performances on Wednesday in the yard of the primary school of Khurbekeh village and dozens of people attended.

The activity of the last day began with holding a minute of silence. After which, a speech was given by the member of the Culture and Art Movement Amina Musa, in which she stressed that the people must take care of their culture and heritage. She added, “No matter what the occupation tries, it will not be able to undermine our culture. We insist to resist till Afrin would be liberated.”

Çîyayê Kurmênj Band for the folkloric dance that is related to the movement performed several dance performances amid the attendees’ interaction. At the beginning of the event, an inspirational play on how to get rid of occupation and slavery was presented through sign language by Afrênerên hêvîyê Band.

Rojava band performed a play about the life of the people before and after the Turkish occupation, their resistance and repletion to the attacks and the exposure of children and residents to the bombardment.

The activity and the campaign ended by presenting several heritage and national songs by Enkzak Band for singing which is considered one of the oldest bands in Afrin amid the slogans that salute the resistance of Afrin and holding al-Dabkah dances.



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