Culture Body: We plan to expose mercenaries' documented crimes against our civilization

Since the beginning of its establishment late last year, the Culture Body in the Autonomous Administration of north and east Syria has documented archaeological sites and revealed the extent of the damage done to them, and plans to show the crimes of mercenaries against them.

The Culture Body has conducted many field trips to archaeological sites in the north and east of Syria to document the extent of damage suffered during the control of Daesh mercenaries of the region. The co-chair of Culture Body revealed the details of these tours and the work accomplished in this regard, in an interview Hawar News Agency conducted with.

"Through these tours, we have worked to document all the existing archaeological sites, especially the ones that were destroyed by mercenaries," said the co-chair of the Culture Body, Abdul Sattar Shekaghi, "adding they will expose the artifacts' theft from these places."

He noted that they also coordinated with the tourism committees to activate tourist facilities in the areas of north and east of Syria, which were closed mostly during the control of Daesh mercenaries in the region, because of beautiful nature of northern and eastern Syria, especially beautiful areas adjacent to the Euphrates River.

Draft resolutions to prevent encroachment on archaeological sites

"We are waiting for the approval of the Legislative Council because these laws are important in protecting the ancient civilizations by protecting their existing effects," he said.

In a related context, the co-chairperson of the Culture Body, Aisha Rajab said that they organized awareness campaigns in coordination with the Education Body entitled "Together to protect the heritage" was intended to introduce students to the cultural identity of the community.

Aisha said that the body will use a drone in the photography and documentation of archaeological sites and to address the damage directly.

Planning for an exhibition of paintings, archaeological sites that were destroyed

Aisha pointed out that the body is currently planning to hold an exhibition of paintings of the archaeological sites that were destroyed in the areas of Autonomous Administration they documented, noting that the venue and opening date will be announced after the Executive Council approves.

At the end of her speech, Aisha said that they offered a lot of their studies about the archaeological sites that they documented to the missions that are interested in this area in order to contribute to the restoration.

The Culture Body in Autonomous Administration includes within its organizational structure four committees: "Culture, Art, Archeology, Tourism".



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