Curfew imposed in al-Hol camp after a stabbing of element of ISF

A woman from Da'ash attacked a member of the Internal Security Forces (ISF) with a knife, followed by a curfew in al-Hol camp in al- Hasaka canton.

ANHA correspondent from the area said that the Internal Security Forces imposed a curfew in al-Hol camp, east of Al-Hasakah, and included hundreds of families of mercenaries, after a woman stabbed a member of ISF with a knife.

The woman had asked permission from the internal security forces to get out of the camp and go to the market, and the forces allowed  her to do so and sent an escort.

When the member ISF was walking in front of the woman in the market, the woman stabbed him from behind.

The member was then transferred to Al-Hasakah hospitals for treatment, without mentioning his health condition until now.

After the incident, the Internal Security Forces imposed a curfew in the camp.

ANHA correspondent also confirmed that the organizations operating in the camp are preparing to evacuate their staff from the camp.

It is noteworthy, the ISF still search for the woman who committed this crime.



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