Curfew lifted in al-Hol camp

The Internal Security Forces ISF have lifted the curfew in al-Hol camp a day after it was imposed as result of stabbing carried out by IS' woman.

The Internal Security Forces imposed a curfew in al-Hol camp, east of al-Hasakah city, north of Syria, which is considered one of the biggest camps in Syria, due to a knife stabbing carried out by IS' woman against a member of the Internal Security Forces.

Our correspondent (ANHA) said that (ISF) lifted the curfew from the camp a day after day of stabbing operation.

The correspondent pointed out that the organizations that had evacuated its staff from the camp, all the staff today returned to the camp as it was.

In an exclusive interview with the Independent, Major General Alexus Greenwich, Deputy Commander of the International Coalition, described the possibility of camp extremism as "the greatest long-term strategic threat" in the war against terrorist groups outside ongoing military operations.

Al-Hol camp includes hundreds of Daesh mercenaries' families who had come out of areas liberated by SDF. According to recent statistics, there are more than 70,000 displaced persons, refugees and members of the Daesh families.



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