DAA: martyrs' sacrifices protect the democratic project

The Democratic Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria(DAA)  said that the sacrifices of the martyrs are the way to protect the democratic project, noting that the unity of blood that has merged on the soil of "culturally and historically rich land" will increase the unity of the people and unite all plans and plots that want to strike social unity in northern and eastern Syria.

On 18 May, the Democratic Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria issues a statement to the public, recalling the martyrs and renewing their commitment to the rights and the cause of the Syrian people to achieve justice, equality and democracy.

The text of the statement is:

"The gains achieved by our people today in the north and east of Syria and efforts towards democratic change as well as the struggle of our military forces under the umbrella of the Syrian Democratic Forces are now a realistic and steady situation on the ground, which qualify for these gains and practical efforts towards building a qualitative model in Syria and the region; in light of the existing conflict and the attempts that are always made to stifle any efforts towards achieving the will of the people are historical achievements that the components of our people contributed to with their sacrifices and their various affiliations and since the Syrian crisis began, we have made every effort to achieve it by the principles of self-defense and the direction of democratic change, our people have made great sacrifices in this context.

On the 18th of May every year, we commemorate the "Martyrs' Day", where we commemorate in the Democratic Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria on this occasion all our heroic martyrs and we always insist on following their path and stay committed to the rights and the cause of our people and all Syrians.

We also wish quick recovery for the wounded, who have made great efforts and sacrificed their bodies, and in their struggle with their fellow martyrs, has been a way to establish the truth of the will that we seek for freedom.

In our resistance project and with the fruit of the resistance of our martyrs, their sacrifices and their struggle, and more than 11,000 martyrs, and on the path of their resistance, as well as the elimination of terrorism, all the occupied territories will be liberated, and in the forefront, Afrin canton. These sacrifices are the way to protect our democratic project and build our true role; On the soil of our culturally and historically rich land will increase our people's unity and solidarity and will foil all the plans and intrigues that want to hit one of the most important factors of our strength in the north and east of Syria, our community unity; with the will of our martyrs today, we have so far managed to thwart many of the schemes that still exist and try to undermine our role and the gains of our people; our absolute belief in the approach of our martyrs and our steadfastness on it is the way to victory is certain."


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