Daesh cell behind number of bombings, assassinations arrested

In a qualitative operation, the General Security Service (GSS) in Manbij arrested "terrorist cell affiliated to Daesh", consisting of 6 mercenaries, including two women, involved in the implementation of a number of bombings and assassinations in Manbij.

The Media Center of the Internal Security Forces in northern and eastern Syria issued a statement in this regard, which said:

"Terrorist operations and bombings targeted multiple civilian and security sites recently in the city of Manbij, the latest one of which targeted the security checkpoints by a car bomb, which was adopted by Daesh terrorists while the other the Turkish-backed factions were suspected of.

Several files were kept up to date by the General Security Service of the Internal Security Forces of Manbij, until he was able to reveal the circumstances and the perpetrators who had caused the martyrdom of innocent people.

During a specific operation, the GSS arrested a terrorist cell belonging to Daesh terrorist organization, consisting of six terrorists, including two women, who carried out several bombings and assassinations dating back to last year.

According to investigations conducted by the Bureau of Investigation in the security apparatus, this cell carried out 10 bombings by explosive devices, bicycles and car bombs in the past two months, and was in the process of other operations to target vital sites in the city, adding that their follow-up and collection of information has made progress and fruited positively.

In addition, the competent authorities found a number of weapons, explosive devices at the site where the cell relied on planning, executing and preparing IEDs, as follows: " 4 M16 machine guns and 1000 rounds, 2 BKS weapons, 8 ammunition boxes, Kalashnikov storages, 1 grenade launcher with 4 grenades, 120 circuits and detonators, 3 improvised explosive devices, a quantity of TNT explosive material, and 4 searchlights.

"We will reveal more details about security files and events in the confessions approved by cell members, and we will present them later in video and audio."


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