Daesh's children demanding  their countries  to bring them back  homes

Mercenaries children those in al-Hol camp  demanded  their governments  bring them back home, one of the girls said

 "I, My brother and sister and I became victims of the wrong ideas of my parents, and I hope to return to my country to complete my studies."

There are 73,000 displaced persons and refugees from various Syrian and Iraqi cities in addition to the families of mercenaries, including hundreds of orphaned children whose parents were killed in the battles in northern and eastern Syria.

The majority of orphaned children live among mercenaries and receive care from mercenary families, while some associations and organizations operating in the camp have provided care for others.

On a visit by the Hawar News Agency, it met with a number of orphaned children who were cared for by mercenary families, after the camp administration allowed them to do so.

Nusseibeh Abdel Aziz al-Omrani, 13, has been living in Syria for 5 years and is of Moroccan origin, along with her sisters and their father, who was killed in one of the battles.

Nusseibeh explained to the camera of our agency that the purpose of the meeting is to appeal to the Moroccan government to accelerate the return of her and her sisters after the killing of her parents.

They were the victim of wrong thought

Many of those who have joined mercenaries have been deceived by their families or by misinterpretation of religion and published by mercenaries on social networking sites and increasing illusions in the heads of civilians that they seek to establish Sharia. This is what happened to Nusseibeh, who was deceived by her father and went from Morocco to Turkey.

According to Nusseibeh, she and her sister initially refused, but their father confirmed that they would not return from Turkey to Morocco again. Nusseibeh adds to the Hawar camera, "Several days later we were arrested by Turkish intelligence and they prevented us from going to Ghazi Antep to Syria and we went to the city of Aleppo. "

After entering Syria, Nusseibeh settled with her family in al-Raqqa in 2014, after her father joined Daesh and went to military training. Her father was killed on one side of the fighting and then her brother Abdullah was killed in a strike by the Global Coalition, Nusseibeh said without knowing the place.

When al-Raqqa was besieged by SDF to liberate it from mercenaries in 2017, Nusseibeh went with her brother and her older sister and her mother to Deir ez-Zor. Nusseibeh and her family continued to move from time to time in areas controlled by mercenaries. "After the siege of Bagouz,  my mother was killed, " she added.

In the last battle of al-Bagouz, SDF opened safe corridors for the departure of the families and mercenary families to al-Hol camp. Nusseibeh, along with her brother, her older sister and her young son, went to the camp.

Nusseibeh says she communicated with her grandmother for their return, "I communicated with my grandmother in Morocco and she called for our return to Morocco. My sister and brother were victims of my parents' mistake thoughts ."

Nusseibeh said she hoped she would return to Morocco. "I wanted to go back to Morocco, complete my studies and live a good life," she said.

Amina Adel, a 13-year-old girl from Uzbekistan, went with her father to Syria in 2010 to settle in Damascus. Several years later, the Syrian revolution complicated and went to Turkey.

Amina, like thousands of mercenaries who joined Daesh, stayed in Turkey for a while, believing they had been arrested by the Turkish intelligence and did not know why they were arrested.

Amina explained that they had been replaced by the prisoners of the Turkish consulate who were being held by Daesh ."We were exchanged with prisoners by a Turkish intelligence agent. We went to Syria from al-Tabqa town.", Daesh demanded my father to receive military training but my father rejected the idea of military trainings.

"My father, under pressure from the Turkish state, came to Syria and joined Daesh, and all that happened to us was caused by the Turkish state," Amina said.

Amina says that after receiving information that Daesh was trying to kill her father, they surrendered to SDF. "We received news that a Daesh wanted to kill my father, but we went to Deir ez-Zor, my father handed himself over to SDF and I went to al-Hol camp. "

Amina asks her mother in Uzbekistan to work for her return to her country and asks her government to contact the concerned authorities to return to her country.



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