Daily violations in occupied Afrin

Due to the unlimited violations by the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries Afrin area became a square for torture of the civilians.

 The mercenaries of the Turkish occupation continue to kidnap civilians in Afrin and torture and humiliate them and ask for financial ransoms.

A local source from Afrin reported information that the Turkish mercenaries were kidnapped in the past two days a group of civilians in the villages and areas of Afrin. The mercenaries from Shia district kidnapped Berem Abdou Kalou and Bakr Haidar's familiy  and took them to an unknown destination.

The mercenaries practiced  immoral and actions against  the civilians,  Ali Ali Habash and several other persons. They mercenaries brutally restrict and tortured the civilians, and prevented residents from contacting  them.

The mercenaries also kidnapped civilians from Araba village of Mobata district and asked for 150 thousand SP for their release. They were Ali Hanif, Ferai Aref, Mustapha Shukri and Firas Aref.

The Turkish occupation continues to forcibly displace people from their homes to settle the families of mercenaries in their homes, especially in Shia district.




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