Damage to property of villagers of border villages as a result of removal of concrete wall

The property of the border villages in Dêrik region was damaged after the Turkish authorities removed the separation wall on the border, which had accumulated rainwater behind it.

Heavy rains in Derik and its environs have led to floods in the area, disruption of transport and considerable damage to property, public facilities and bridges.

According to the Hawar news agency, the rainwater gathered behind the barrier erected by the Turkish occupation authorities on the border. However, the Turkish authorities removed the wall. Floods swept through a number of houses in the village and completely destroyed them, resulting in heavy losses in livestock and property.

Sabah Ahmed, a resident of the village told Hawar News Agency that the Turkish occupation, at 22.00 hours yesterday, removed the wall, which led to the flow of floods towards the village.

According to Ahmed, the damage caused to a large number of houses of the villagers and the death of livestock.

The flood waters also swept through the villages of Haji Mutari, Kharab Rashek and  Qeser Dib, causing material damage. Emergency committees continue to provide assistance to the families.



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