Damascus forces bombard rural  of Idlib, Aleppo

After midnight Wednesday - Thursday and this morning, the Damascus government forces bombed several areas and villages in the countryside of Aleppo and Idlib.

SOHR said that the Damascus government forces renewed their ground bombardment on a number of towns and villages within the so-called "De-Escalation" Zone, as they bombarded with heavy artillery the towns of Ihsim, Sufuhan and Fleifel in the Jabal Al-Zawiya area in the southern countryside of Idlib. It also bombed, after midnight, Wednesday-Thursday, with heavy artillery, the vicinity of Kafr Ta’al in the western countryside of Aleppo.

Yesterday evening, the Damascus forces shelled with heavy artillery the vicinity of the village of Khirbet al-Naqous in the Sahel al-Ghab area in the western countryside of Hama, which led to the burning of agricultural crops in the village, in addition to artillery shelling that targeted the vicinity of the village of al-Ruwaiha in Jabal al-Zawiya in the southern countryside of Idlib.

According SOHR documents, 29 people were killed in violent acts within the "De-Escalation Zone" last May, including an officer of the Russian forces.

The Russian warplanes also resumed their raids on the countryside of Idlib, as they targeted on May 26 the Fleifel and Sufuhn axis in Jabal Al-Zawiya in the southern countryside of Idlib, for the first time since last December 2022, as they bombed it on May 29, targeting the village of Bazabur and the vicinity of Jabal Al-Arbaeen in the Idlib countryside.



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