Damascus gov facilitates drug trafficking in al-Shahba to strike resistance of Afrin IDPs

 The promotion and  distributing of drugs in societies is one of the special methods of war used by hostile parties to paralyze the ability of the young group in particular, and to strike the resistance of the people and the displaced in al-Shahba, the Damascus government facilitates the process of promoting narcotics.

Al Shahba - Jodi Sipan

The besieging forces of al-Shahba canton are seeking from all directions to strike the young group by following special methods of war and promoting drugs among groups of society, with the aim of keeping them away from their cause and basic principles.

According to security sources, the Damascus government checkpoints facilitate the promotion process by not imposing censorship or prosecuting the promoters.

The phenomenon of drug abuse among the young group in al-Shahba canton is among the systematic private war practiced by the Damascus government and groups affiliated with the Lebanese Hezbollah.

The areas of the Damascus government, which are controlled by Iranian affiliated groups, are the source of drugs

The towns of Nubl and Zahraa, located about 15 km northwest of Aleppo city, are the main sources of drug spike in the regions of northern and eastern Syria, according to private sources.

Security sources revealed that Hezbollah imports goods from Lebanon and enters Syrian territory across the Lebanese-Syrian border. It stops at the town of Sayeda Zainab (Sit Zainab), about 10 km south of Damascus, where there are three laboratories for the production of narcotic pills, which are licensed by the Damascus government.  After that, these goods enter the city of Aleppo and from there to the towns of Nubl and Al-Zahraa, then to the Shahba canton and then to north and east Syria, starting from the city of Manbij to the city of Derik.

 It is noteworthy that all drug dealers within northern Syria are from the towns of Nubl and al-Zahra, and drugs are easily entered into al-Shahba canton because Damascus government checkpoints do not inspect them, from which smuggling operations begin to Manbij and continue to other cities.

 As for the promoters, they are either people from the towns of Nubl and al-Zahraa or elements from the Damascus government who promote it, and those elements are present in al-Shahba only to carry out promotions among the people, especially the youth.

Kinds promoted in Al Shahba

According to security sources, the types of pills that are being promoted in al-Shahba are Hexazole, Captagon, Biogabalin, Tramadol, Zolam, Nidol, paste and hashish.

As for its prices, these narcotic substances are sold at a low of their prevalence between the young category. The symptoms of abuse appear to addicts such as rave, severe convulsions, awareness, depression, drought, appearance of dark circles about eyes, influence on nervous system, high blood pressure, impairment of immunity, headache.

Another problem appears when trying to prevent abuse of drugs is the lack of health centers for treatment or doctors to provide treatment for that addict. This problem is not handled in the right way but leaves the abyss without treatment.



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