Danish child of Daesh handed over

The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria handed over a Danish child whose age is 12 year-old to the Danish government in an agreement between two sides. 

Based on the appeals of the AA of the North and East of Syria to the European countries on the importance of  receiving their citizens who were among Daesh mercenaries and were arrested by SDF and their families in the camps of the AA and on the humanitarian filed a child of Daesh mercenaries was handed over to the Danish government whose age is 12 years-old.  

The hand over process took place on Sêmelka border crossing between the Derik city in the Euphrates Region and South Kurdistan(Bashur) in the presence of the joint presidency of the Foreign Relation Department in the AA of North and East of Syria Nojin Mohammed and Ster Kerdaghi the representative of YPJ and Abed al-Karim Omar and Amal Dada and the member of the relation of the YPJ, and the manager of the Danish Consular Affairs in the Foreign Ministry Kristof Vivik. 

 At the beginning,  Amal Dada welcomed the Danish delegation and said, " we hope these visits to be repeated in the future and we hope this visit to be as platform to develop the external relation between the 2 sides and she explained  the position of the AA toward the displaced people and the refugees and the families of the Deash mercenaries who are in the camps of the AA and the mechanism pursued with the huge number of those people in the camps.

After that a meeting was held between two sides which was closed to the media outlet.

In the wake of the meeting a statement will be delivered to the public.



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