​​​​​​​Death of 70-year-old man infected with coronavirus in Syria

The Syrian Ministry of Health announced today the death of a seventy man as a result of being infected with the coronavirus at Aleppo University Hospital.

The SANA agency, speaking on behalf of the Syrian government, quoted the Ministry of Health as confirming that a 70-year-old man had died by coronavirus in Syria at Aleppo University Hospital, raising the number of deaths of the virus to 9.

The Ministry clarified that the man who died today was suffering from heart failure and sugar complications and was being treated at the University Hospital of Aleppo, noting that health personnel and surveillance teams began identifying those who had contact with the man and taking the necessary measures and health precautions.

The Ministry pointed out that the total number of the registered cases of coronavirus in Syria has reached 256, of which 102 have recovered, and 9 cases died.



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