Defector leader of Muslim Brotherhood says Erdogan aspirations is to control on Arab, Muslims

The defector leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mokhtar Nouh, who served as advisor to the group's leader, revealed details of the Brotherhood's relationship with Qatar and Turkey, the role of the Brotherhood in implementing the agendas of the two countries and Erdogan's quest to take over the leadership of the Arab and Islamic worlds.

 “Turkey is using the group to implement the Caliphate and revive the Ottoman expansion project,” Noah said in an interview with Al Arabiya. Net. He added that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan "was seeking to become, under the control of religious groups to rule in Arab countries, the leader of Arab and Islamic countries, Thus, he becomes the president of Turkey throughout his life, and he found himself in the Muslim Brotherhood, in an attempt to control the Arab world in general, and Egypt in particular.

"Erdogan, in his first meeting with former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi in Egypt in Cairo, after the latter won the presidency, agreed together on all the details of the scheme.   Morsi pledges to approve the establishment of Turkish military bases in Egypt, and that Turkey has the right to approve or refuse to establish any military bases in Egypt in the future in favor of any other countries. The agreement also included the establishment of a federation with Egypt "federal" in which Turkey is the decision-maker, and the signing of a joint defense agreement, and economic projects, but all this ended after the overthrow of the Brotherhood and the sacked of Morsi.

The leader of the dissident Brotherhood that `` Erdogan suffers from a bad psychological situation after the failure of this plan, in addition to his bad situation in Turkey, where the division emerged within the leadership of his party and the withdrawal of prominent members of it, and the establishment of a new party, as well as the deterioration of the economic situation in his country and the devaluation of the lira. Erdogan still has hope that his influence will return again, so he is trying in every way to bring the Brotherhood to power in Egypt to revive his project.

Regarding Qatar, Nouh said that the Qatari authorities "use the Brotherhood to implement political agendas. He recalled that "Youssef al-Qaradawi came out of the Muslim Brotherhood and traveled to Qatar in the sixties, and there he became a servant of Doha, and then surprised him back to the group again and mysteriously and without any introductions."

He added that "al-Qaradawi has become the mufti of the Sultan, and offers what we may call fatwas of the Sultan, it ruled outlawing revolutions in certain countries on the pretext that going out to obey the guardian is not obligatory, while analyzing the revolutions in other regions and countries for alleged resistance to tyrants, and evidenced by the hadiths and verses Quranic justification of what he says. "

He explained that the group is currently run by the deputy leader, Mahmoud Ezzat, he tries to preserve the group as much as possible, but there is another leadership that runs the group militarily, on the top is Yahya Mus, the fugitive to Turkey, who oversees specific committees, violence cells and operations, this military command was implicated in the killing of the Attorney General, stressing that Moussa runs two groups, "Hasm" and "Liwa al-Thwara" which emerged from other cells.

He also stressed that "once the funding of the group ends and stops funding from certain countries and destinations will disappear all this," he predicted that "the funding will be stopped in the next year 2020, with the Brotherhood completely finished and emerge from the scene in 2028."



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