Dejla warns Kurds from horrific massacre, if they do not reinforce their self defence

Kurdish politician, Khatib Dejla, explained that the subjugation scheme taken by Turkey in 2014 is a renewal of the East Reforms Law adopted in 1925, and said, "Not only the Kurds, all the revolutionary forces and peoples of Turkey should strengthen their Self-Defense in the face of this scheme."

Khatib Dejla, assessed the racist attack on a Kurdish family in the Turkish city of Konya as "the latest attack was a professionally perpetrated massacre. When we review the way in which the massacre was committed and the attacker's movement, we note the similarity between this massacre and the way in which Deniz Poyraz was killed, and it turns out that the attacker is trained. "

Dejla asserted that the attack on a Kurdish family in Konya was a strategic one, "as a result, we are facing a racist attack aimed at exterminating the Kurds."

In the same context, "We need to know that this is a strategic scheme. In the meetings held in Imrali Prison with Mr. Ocalan, our message to the Turkish state in the Third World War was sent to Turkey two ways. The first way is to promote democracy and give importance to equality and the brotherhood of peoples and aim to turn Turkey into a center of attraction in the Third World War. The second way is the continuation of the style coming from the time of The Committee of Union and Progress to the day of that form of violence. When the meetings were going on, it turns out they took the second route. At the meeting of the Turkish National Security Council held on 30 October 2014, the decision was taken to exterminate the Kurds. "

He pointed out that the Turkish state was applying the Committee of Union and Progress scheme and seeking to complete it in the 100th anniversary of the Treaty of Lausanne. "This scheme entered into force six years ago. The scheme began with the isolation of Mr. Ocalan on April 6th, 2015 and the declaration of war on July 24th, 2015 in memory of Lausanne.

Noting that state terrorism in Kurdistan cities was part of the extermination scheme, Dejla pointed out that the attacks on Rojava and Southern Kurdistan were aimed at eliminating the gains made by the Kurds. "An attempt was made to eradicate Shengal and, on the other hand, the attacks on Rojava and the occupation of Afrin, Tal Abyed and Ras Al-Ain were part of that scheme. Treaty of Lausanne enters its first 100th anniversary in 2023. The Ottomans in this period seek to occupy Northern and Southern Kurdistan and Rojava and exterminate the Kurds. "

He explained that the Turkish attacks targeting the People's Democratic Party, HDP and the four parts of Kurdistan come within the framework of the same scheme, "their goal is clear. They seek to complete the genocide of the Kurds in the twenty-first century. All the gains of the Kurds are targeted. The KDP either did not understand the scheme or it does not want to understand it, the recognition that Southern Kurdistan enjoys is also targeted, they seek to eliminate Shengal through the Turkish state they want to complete the massacre committed by ISIS against the Yazidis in Shengal, what is happening in Afrin is a micro-example of what they seek to generalize in all parts of Kurdistan the Kurds must confront this plan by national agreement.

In the same context, Dejla said, "They seek to remove the Kurds and the People's Democratic Party from the liberation struggle. The People's Democratic Party won a major victory in the 2015 elections. In that period committed a lot of massacres until the first date of November. They wanted to keep the Kurds away from the struggle through Amed Massacre, Suruç Massacre and other massacres. When they knew that their scheme had not achieved the desired result, they turned to the next scheme through the Izmir attack. "

Dejla predicted an escalation of attacks in the coming period "seeking to launch a new wave of attacks against Kurds through professional civilian killers. They are also seeking to remove Kurds from the struggle and achieve cultural and political annihilation and are seeking to complete it until 2023. They publicly say they will destroy the Kurd's gains by sacrificing tens of thousands of martyrs in Southern Kurdistan and Rojava. The Turkish interior minister said days ago that they would soon be on foot to Iraq and Syria. These statements revealed the schemes of the occupation. "

Kurdish politician spoke of the Eastern Reform Scheme and the subjugation scheme. "This scheme includes the extermination of Kurds. The only way to annihilate the Kurds is to eliminate the People's Defence Forces, HPG, and the People's Protection Units, YPG to achieve that purpose, Turkey launched a large offensive on the 24th of April. But resistance to the Guerilla hampers the Turkish scheme. Turkey reviewed its plans and began attacking civilians. Turkey knows that achieving its goals is going through the eradication of the Guerilla Forces, after Northern Kurdistan, the role will come on its south, followed by Rojava. This is the scheme of the Turkish state and it seeks to apply it in stages. But Turkey faces resistance from Kurds and Guerilla. Turkey will not win and eliminating the Kurds is not easy. All Kurds should know Turkey's scheme. "

He urged all Kurds to know that the attack was aimed at all Kurds, so Self - Defense must be strengthened everywhere. Not just the Kurds, but all the forces of the revolution are targeted. The most remarkable example of that was the Suruç. The revolutionary youth, the nearby socialists Kurds, the Turks and the diplomatic forces face the same danger. Turkey seeks to liquidate Turkish democratic and socialist figures close to the Kurds. The Kurds, the Turkish people and the democratic and revolutionary forces must therefore strengthen their Self-Defence. "

Dejla repeated his warnings to the Kurds, "We are the youth of the seventies. We faced the fascist attacks and strengthened our Self-Defense. Those fascists were armed and attacked us. We defended ourselves within the limits of our understanding. This continued until the coup of September 12, 1980.  The Kurdish and Turkish peoples should learn the lesson from that period and certainly strengthen their Self-Defense. Our people have to deal responsibly with this stage. If we don't, history will not forgive us."



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