Delegation from northeastern Syria discusses with U.S. officials issues related to Syrian affairs

A delegation from northern and eastern Syria has arrived in Washington, and will discuss developments in the region and the formation of the Syrian constitutional committee with US officials.

A delegation from northern and eastern Syria arrived in Washington. The delegation includes the President of the Executive Body of the Syrian Democratic Council(MSD) Ilham Ahmed, the Vice-Chairman of the Executive Council of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, Elizabeth Korea, and many officials in northern and eastern Syria.

The delegation will discuss with US officials issues related to Syria, including the formation of the Constitutional Commission, and border security.

Regarding the formation of the Constitutional Committee, the President of the Executive Committee of the Syrian Democratic Council Ilham Ahmed said to ANHA that "the formation of the Constitutional Committee to be agreed upon by the countries of Astana, which was announced at the tripartite summit of Russia, Iran and Turkey, has no legitimacy among the Syrians, excluding the representatives of five million Syrians from the political process has serious implications for Syria's future. "

Ahmed explained that it is clear that there is a new bartering process in Syria and that it is a committee in exchange for a ceasefire in Idlib. "The consensus that is being sought is the consensus of the countries involved in the Syrian issue, not a Syrian one," she said.

Ilham Ahmed, said that the issue of border security and the security zone agreement will be among the main topics to be discussed with US officials adding "Turkey is using the refugee card as a pressure card on European countries to get the funds, to occupy the north and east of Syria, and seeks to resettle the three million Syrian refugees present in the border with a view to erase the identity of the population of the region, and implement the demographic change, Turkey is seeking to replicate the scenario of what happened in Afrin, the areas of Damascus and eastern Syria under the pretext of protecting national security. "

Ilham concluded by saying, "the whole world is fully aware of Turkey's aims and objectives, and any insane move by Turkey will have consequences for all the countries of the Alliance, the countries of Astana and Syria." 



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