Demilitarized within 24 hours: 209 civilians killed in more than 16,000 air, ground strikes

The civilian victims who were killed by Russian and regime attacks on the so-called demilitarized zones reached 209 citizens on 24th day consecutively during more than 16,000 air and ground strikes accompanied by violent battles in the area.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights stressed that 5 civilians were killed due to the ground and air shelling on Thursday 23 May in the so-called demilitarized zone, and they are one woman and a man due to the bombardment of the regime's warplanes on Kafar Sejana town in the southern countryside of Idlib, another person was also killed due to the bombardment of the regime's warplanes on Heish town south of Idlib, and two men were killed due to the shelling of the regime's forces on Kafar Nebul town.

While the number of explosive barrels fired by helicopters on towns and villages within the so-called demilitarized zone since the middle of the night reached 45; 16 on Kafar Naboda, 14 on al-Habit, 11 on Hersh (forest) al-Qasabiyah, 2 barrels on Tarmala and 2 barrels on Arinba.

The number of raids carried out by the regime's aircraft since the morning rose to 31, 8 attacks on Kafar Naboda, 5 raids on the town of Ma'aret Horma, 4 on Hazarin, 2 others on al-Rakaya, Kafar Sejana, Heish, Tarmala, Ma'aret al-Sin, Jabala, Ma'aret al-Numan forest), while Russian warplanes carried out new raids on the village of Hazarin in the southern countryside of Idlib, amid intensive rocket bombardment by the regime forces on the town of Kafar Nebul south of Idlib, and other areas in Sahl al-Ghab and Jabal Shahshebo in the northern countryside of Hama.

The toll of civilian casualties has increased since the start of the most violent escalation on April 30 and until Thursday, May 23, to 209 civilians, including 39 children and 42 citizens by the regime and Russian "guarantor" aircrafts in addition to the shelling and land targets.

The victims were distributed as follows: 44 including 13 children, 12 citizens, another citizen and two of their children in Russian air strikes on the villages of Idlib and Hama, 26 including 7 citizens and a small girl who were killed in the explosive barrels by helicopters, 80; 12 citizens, 13 children and one of the rescue teams lost their lives by the regime's warplanes, and 38 people, including 6 citizens and 3 children were killed in land bombardment carried out by the regime, and 21 civilians; 10 children and 3 citizens in the bombing of the mercenary gangs belonging to Turkey on al-Sekilbiya, the camp of al-Nairab and Aleppo city's neighborhoods.



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