Demirtaş: 70% Turkish society against the one-man regime, which led country to abyss

Selahattin Demirtaş said that Erdogan with his policies leads the people and the country to the abyss, noting that the people revealed the truth of his goals, and that 70% of Turkish society are now against the one-man regime.

Salahuddin Demirtaş indicated to his lawyer, that the Turks were deceived by the Justice and Development Party to turn the regime in Turkey into a presidential system, and said, "It became clear to everyone now that they were deceived, because Erdogan's regime sees everyone who supports him as a friend, and whoever opposes him is his enemy, and these are his policy. "

The opposition must join hands and not be dragged behind the AKP's agendas

In his statement, he called on the Turkish opposition to stand together and not be dragged behind the AKP agendas that aim to occupy public opinion, and said in this context "because the opposition is busy with that agenda and consumes it, and makes its hopes locked into a narrow place", adding, "Therefore, the opposition must embrace democracy as a reference." and to communicate with the street and not to stop. "

He stressed "the need to guarantee all global rights and freedoms to reassure the public opinion that lost hope in Erdogan's regime and its policies that pushed the country into the abyss."

He pointed out that his party "from the beginning exposed the Erdogan regime and predicted the disasters that it will cause as long as it continues at the head of the government, and we have warned the people against this, but no one listened to us."

Salahuddin Demirtaş warned that "Erdogan, through the coup drama, caused a shock to the Turkish people, and took advantage of it to take revenge on his opponents, including me, where I lie in prison since 2016, after which he began his plan to impose the presidential system, through the 2018 referendum, and after this shock the Turkish people started realizes the disaster that befell him. "

Erdogan relied on his powers to tighten his control over the country

He explained that "Erdogan, through relying on all legislative, executive and judicial powers that he collects with his hand, was able to implement all laws that enable him to tighten his control over the country, but he was unable to establish a permanent system."

He pointed out that "all signs and indications confirm that the Turkish parliament lost its main job, and it has become an institution for passing Erdogan's laws through which he retaliates from his opponents."

′70% currently from Turkish society against the one-man system

"There are currently 70% of Turkish society against the one-man system, and this did not happen on its own. The opposition, whether inside or outside prisons, had a great role in that by exposing the lies of the ruling regime," he said.

It is noteworthy that Salahuddin Demirtaş was the co-chair of the HDP, when the Turkish authorities arrested him and imprisoned him on October 4, 2016 with the former co-chair of the HDP, Vigen Yuksekdag, and 15 MPs from the party.



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