Democracy, co-existence is core of Islam

The words of delegates and guests of the conference of the Democratic Islamic Society confirmed that the true Islam is democratic, moral, political and social Islam, whose pivot and center is democracy and co-existence.

The conference of the Democratic Islamic Society of the North and East of Syria–Rojava which is being held in the town of Rumailan, continues its work by delivering speeches by representatives of the participating delegations.

The opening speech was delivered by the co-chair of the Academy of Democratic Islamic Society, Dalal Khalil, in which she stressed that the true Islam is democratic, moral, political and social Islam, whose center and hub is democracy and coexistence.

Dala added, "Islam, in its essence, represents all the ancient and later religions, through its language and universal philosophy of all nations and no one doubts that. The practical and tangible application of public laws in a fair and free manner, especially in human societies on the basis of freedom and justice so as not to digest the rights of peoples and does not distort the civilized history of mankind."

Dalal Khalil pointed out that the Islamic movements used the concept of "racism against the essence of the Islamic religion as well as the building of the nation-state to impose the racist nation-state and used the concepts of capitalism and methods of violence against their peoples"

At the end of her speech, Dalal Khalil stressed that the conference will seek to strengthen the organization and institutionalization, as a task for everyone.

The conference continued with the speeches of the representatives of the participating delegations, including the speech of the Head of the Union of Muslim Scholars Sheikh Mohammed al-Gharazi, the Head of the Religious Institution in al- Raqqa Ali Nayef Shu'ayb, Vice-Chairman of the Executive Council of the Executive Council of Autonomous Administration in North and East Syria Hamdan al-Abd, the Administrator in the Afrin Canton Council and al-Shahba Zaloukh Bakr, the Co-chair of the Municipalities Body of al-Jazeera region Joseph Lahdou, the General Counsel for Civil Affairs of the Syrian Democratic Forces, Rezan Gilo, the Co-chair of Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM) Gharib Hesso and Representative of the Islamic Council in al-Raqqa Hiam Nouri.

The words praised the conference and wished success to its work. The words also emphasized that true Islam is the essence and the reality of the divine religions, and they continued that the Kurdish people represent the heritage of free, fair and democratic Islam."



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