Demographic change in Afrin continues, fate of abductees remains unknown

After the displacement of thousands of residents of Afrin by the Turkish occupation from their homes during the past year, the occupation and its mercenaries continue to restrict the remaining people in Afrin to complete the policies of demographic change, in addition to cases of kidnapping and murder under torture and looting and confiscation of property.


ANHA agency documents dozens of cases of displacement and resettlement in Afrin, the series of kidnappings, killings, looting, theft and other violations against the people of Afrin remain in the canton, and we list here the last documentation of the occupation's violations in Afrin in the last months of last year and the beginning of this year.

Continuation of demographic change policies in Afrin

The Turkish occupation army has followed the policy of displacement, oppression and demographic change in Afrin since the last year.

According to the source that the Turkish occupation in the last months of last year abandoned dozens of people of Afrin in the villages of Qestel Cendo, Baflon, Şêxurzê, Barafa, Ereb Wêran, Omera, Omer Simo, Seir Yincik, Diraqleya, Ebîdan, Cema and Mersawa in Şêra and Bulbul

The Turkish occupation state has more than 1500 families from al-Gouta, Duma, Aleppo's countryside, Hama and other areas in Syria, in the center of Bulbul district, while they settled about 360 families in the village of Midan Akbes, and 300 families in Rajo district.

The Turkish occupation has stressed to the settlers not to leave the houses or left them to the real owners, and to say that the homes of the people of Afrin became them.

Afrin was the most populated Syrian area for displaced people, but today the original Afrin residents are now displaced from their homes, and live in their homes as strangers. The Turkish occupation is presenting all the facilities and treats the settlers as the indigenous residents of Afrin, and the people of Afrin deprived of all commercial and economic privileges and are subject to heavy taxes in order to force them to leave their land.

Those who have no proof of ownership pay rent for the occupation

According to a local source, the Turkish occupation and through the so-called local councils appointed in Afrin pressure the residents of Afrin who do not have proof of ownership of their properties and displace them or force them to pay rent on their lands and houses to those councils.

On the other hand, mercenaries forced some farmers to sign low-rent land contracts for settlers and mercenary families, as well as rent shops at very low prices, while mercenaries seized the majority of civilian shops by force.

The abduction continues and the fate of thousands remains unknown

Since the occupation of Afrin, the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries have kidnapped more than 3000 civilians from Afrin, including women, children and elders. Most of them are still unknown, despite attempts by their relatives in various ways to obtain information about them.

Killing under torture

On the other hand, a reliable source confirmed the death of the citizen Mohammed Amin Prem 26 years of the people of Janders district under severe torture by mercenaries of the Turkish occupation army.

The source said that after the kidnapping of Mohammed several months ago, and attempts by his poor family to know the fate of their son, so mercenaries informed his family several months after his abduction to receipt the corpse of their son from one of the centers, noting that it was clear traces of brutal torture on the whole body of the victim.

It should be noted that the president of the Turkish occupation state Erdogan has been claiming for some time to activate its project of occupation in north and east Syria, as it did in Afrin, through its continuing threats to launch attacks on North Syria.



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