Despite exclusion N, E of Syria, Guterres announced an agreement on constitution

UN Secretary-General António Guterres has announced that he has agreed to form a committee to draft a new constitution for the country, which he said was a key input to the political process of resolving the conflict. However, he did not address the exclusion of areas north and east of Syria, which make up about 30% of the country from the drafting committee

He said at press conference at UN headquarters in New York on Wednesday, Guterres said: "There is now agreement among all parties on the composition of the committee, and (UN envoy) Geir -Pedersen is finalizing with the parties regarding the terms of reference, and we hope that it will be completed soon."

Although the UN official stressed the participation of all parties in the drafting of the constitution, the areas of northern and eastern Syria were excluded from the discussions concerning the preparation of a new constitution for the country.

The Autonomous Administration of North and East of Syria says that its exclusion from drafting a new constitution for Syria will not make this constitution, if drafted, a democratic constitution as it excludes about 6 million people of different components and will not represent all Syrians.

"I hope this is a very important step in creating the conditions for a political solution to this tragic conflict," Guterres said.

The UN has been working for months to form the committee, which should consist of 150 members, 50 of whom are chosen by the Syrian government, 50 by the opposition, and 50 by the UN special envoy, to take into account the views of experts and representatives of civil society.

The names on the third list, which have caused disagreements between Damascus and the United Nations, have yet to be agreed, but diplomats said the dispute between the two sides narrowed over the summer to just one.

In addition to the composition of the Constitutional Committee, the dispute between the opposition and the Syrian government also revolves around the mechanism of this committee and the distribution of responsibilities among its members.



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