Despite poor medical supplies, KRC provides services to Afrin people

The Kurdish Red Crescent (KRC) Organization suffers from a shortage of medical supplies and medicines, especially with the arrival of winter and the high number of diseases in children, while the organization and through its branches throughout al-Shahba canton aims to train people to deal with emergency cases.

There are 7 fixed medical points belonging to the Kurdish Red Crescent Organization in al-Shahba district in Afrin canton in the areas of “Ahras, Ahdath, Tal Refaat, Ziara and Burj Qas” and resistance camps for the people of Afrin.

In addition, in order to spread health culture among the people, the organization organizes training courses and organizes seminars to educate them on how to deal with different medical conditions and provide first aid in emergency situations, especially in camps.

With the onset of winter, the Kurdish Crescent suffers from a shortage of medicines and medical supplies, especially with the frequent diseases caused by the cold and the weather in children and the elderly.

Red Crescent member Majdolin Zeno said they are working hard to provide medical and health services to the people, noting that the lack of medicines is one of the reasons that hinders the organization to provide full services.

Medical equipment for Red Crescent points includes a spray device for treating chest inflammation for children, an electrocardiogram, heart and pressure monitors, and equipment such as stretchers for patients, beds and various types of medicines.

Red Crescent administrators confirmed that although they had contacted a number of humanitarian organizations, they had not received any kind of assistance.

It is worth mentioning that at every KRC point there are doctors of different specialties such as "Internal, gynecology, cardiovascular, orthopedic", and the first aid department is working 24 hours to meet the needs of patients and emergencies.

On the other hand, the Kurdish Red Crescent points provide relief materials and medicines for free and distributes baby milk to babies ranging from the newly-born to two-year-old, and the staff of the crescent also visits the homes of civilians to provide moral and health support to the cases of the elderly and the disabled.


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