Destruction caused to Tal Tamr's Gozeliye monitored

The destruction caused by the shelling carried out by the Turkish occupation forces and mercenary groups on the village of Gozeliye was monitored by ANHA's.

A number of villages in the Tal Tamr district of the Hasaka Canton were open to a military escalation by the Turkish occupation forces that shelled these villages randomly the issue that made residents of the villages to sleep outside in the last few days.

 Gozeliye that lies to the west of Tal Tamr on the strategically important international Aleppo-Hasaka Highway known as the M4, that is just 300 m from Turkish bases, was open to an intense shelling and more specifically the village school that left it out of service in dire contradiction to all international norms and conventions as the guarantor countries preserve silence towards all these crimes.

Behri Sheikhmous of Gozeliye tells ANHA that '' a room of my house was destroyed in addition to the school of the village and even our livestock were not spared. We cannot reach out to our properties or even protect them''.  

Behri noted that they were enforced by the intense shelling to leave their homes just the elderly remained to watch their properties.

Behri said that all these ''dire wrongdoing'' , ''we just want peace since Turkish occupation forces and mercenary groups advanced on the outskirts f the village we live in a state of fear owing to the crimes committed''.

In turn, Gutna Mer'I says that '' every night we sleep outside to return home at morning just to protect ourselves, neither water nor electricity are available.

Gutna added that shelling is being carried out randomly and indiscriminately calling on the international community to stop crimes committed by the Turkish occupation forces and the affiliated mercenary groups and to remove them from the area just for residents to live peacefully.

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