Details of Iranian plane accident revealed; Tehran threatens

The US Central Command revealed, on Thursday night, details of what happened to an Iranian passenger plane in Syrian airspace, after talk two fighters had intercepted it.

The US Central Command stated on its official account in "Twitter": "We carried out a routine air mission within a distance of a thousand meters from an Iranian plane, and the air mission was carried out while the plane was flying over Al-Tanf military base."

"We conducted the mission to ensure the safety of the coalition soldiers at the base,” Centcom stressed "the routine mission was carried out at a safe distance and according to international standards."

"A visual audit has been conducted to ensure the safety of the members of the international coalition in Al-Tanf camp," said US Central Command spokesman Colonel Bell Urban.

"Once the F-15 fighter pilot identified it as a passenger plane for Mahan Air, the American fighter opened a safe distance to the aircraft, and the professional intersection was conducted in accordance with international standards.”

For his part, the Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman, Abbas Mousavi, said that the incident is under investigation and that his country will take the necessary legal and political measures.

Of note, Israel and the United States have long accused Mahan Air of transferring weapons to fighters linked to Iran in Syria and elsewhere, as the United States imposed sanctions on Mahan Air in 2011, and said it provided financial and other support to the Revolutionary Guards, which increased the tension between the two countries.

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