Diab called Aoun: I will resign!

Sources said that Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab told President Michel Aoun, in a phone call, that he wanted to resign, so the session was moved to the government palace, after it was scheduled to be held in the Republican Palace, in order to announce the resignation from there.

Informed sources stated that Diab's resignation has become a foregone conclusion today, and the way out of this resignation is through a play prepared in advance with a bad direction, as Diab will raise the issue of holding early parliamentary elections, which will not obtain the majority votes in the Council of Ministers, which Diab will take as a reason to submit the resignation of his government.

For his part, Minister of Communications Talal Hawat threatened that in the event that the government does not become independent, then his resignation is certain, and thus joins the resigned ministers, thus raising the number to five. Ministers when the composition decree is issued, meaning that the government is composed today, of 20 ministers. One third of its ministers, that is, 7 ministers, is required to resign until it is considered resigned, or for its president to resign, or for the House of Representatives to withdraw its confidence and vote on the withdrawal of confidence, and in other than these three cases, no constitutional resignation for the government.

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