Dialogue forum for elders, notables of al-Jazeera Region tribes kicks off 

In the meantime, the Body of the Elders of northern and eastern Syria is holding a dialogue forum for the tribes of al-Jazeera Region in northern and eastern Syria, to condemn the Turkish threats and support the Syrian Democratic Forces, with the participation of more than 500 personalities and elders of " the Arab, Kurdish, Syrian, Armenian, Assyrian tribes."

Under the auspices of the Northern and Eastern Syrian Body of the Elders, the activities of the Dialogue Forum for the Tribes of al-Jazeera North and East Syria, with the participation of more than 500 sheikhs and clans of tribes of Al-Jazeera region, was launched under the slogan "No to the Turkish Threats to Northern Syria, Yes to a Safe Syria," in Zana Lounge in the city of Qamishlo.

Since 9:00 am, dozens of sheikhs and dignitaries from Arab, Kurdish, Syrian, Assyrian, and Armenian tribes have been gathered in the lounge, which is decorated with symbols of the elders of northern and eastern Syria.

According to our reporters the tribes and the clans are :Jebor, Sharabia, Shemer, Zebid, Tai, Jewala, Egidat, Edwan and Bekara.

The forum began in its first session by holding a minute of silence, and welcoming the tribes, and personalities, followed by delivering the speech of the Northern and Eastern Syrian Senate by a member of the Presidential Council of the Body, Hember Hassan, he thanked at the beginning of his speech the Autonomous Administration of northern and eastern Syria for providing the opportunity for the body to hold this forum. In his speech, he referred to the great sacrifices made by the YPG and the SDF to liberate the areas from ISIS mercenaries.

Hember Hassan also described this dialogue forum as a Syrian-Syrian meeting saying in this context, "We are the sons of this land and we have the right to determine our own destiny, we are here today to tell the whole world that we will never allow anyone to tamper with our security and our gains. We are peace seekers if they want, and we are the resistance fighters  if they try to attack our land."

The activities of the Forum continue to discuss the political situation in the Middle East, and in Syria and northeastern Syria in particular.

The forum will conclude by issuing a statement to the public opinion.



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