Dijla Muftioglu: We will not retreat from telling the truth

The co-chair of Tigris-Euphrates Association of Journalists, Dijla Muftioglu, condemned the pressures that journalists are exposed to, stressed the necessity of continuing to reveal the facts, and called on journalists to act in accordance with the principles of journalistic work.

The Turkish occupation state continues to use its methods of extermination of peoples and at the sight of the international community and public opinion, and the pressure of the authorities on journalists in particular has escalated recently. Turkey has turned into a prison for journalists and it occupies the 154th level of press freedom worldwide. As 97 journalists have been arrested in Turkey only in July.

On the 14th of July, the authorities carried out arrests of journalists in Amed, after which they arrested a spokeswoman for the Mesopotamia Platform for Women Journalists, the editor of  Jin News, Aisha Konai and many activists.

The co-chair of the Tigris-Euphrates Association of journalists, Dijla Muftioglu, spoke to Hawar News Agency about the repression of journalists in Turkey.

They seek to suppress the truth

Dijla Muftioglu said that the Turkish state was founded from the beginning on the massacres and genocide, and continues to pursue a policy of repression and persecution against journalists, and this repression escalated after 2015 following the stalling of the peace process talks and the political solution.

Dijla said that hundreds of newspapers, agencies, TV and radio channels and websites were closed during the 2016-2017 years, in an effort by the Turkish authorities to silence the media’s voice, and also added: “After the coup attempt on July 15, these pressures started and are still continuing until now. The Turkish authorities seek through these practices to conceal its failure to run the state, aiming to terrorize the media through the decisions of embargoes, lockdowns and arrests. This media has been revealing the truth for 30 years, and journalists who sacrificed their lives for that, they deny society the right to know the truth and they work to hide and obscure the facts. "

"Efforts to ban the media"

The political extermination campaigns that Turkey has been pursuing in recent years are not a natural matter, and Dijla pointed out this matter, and said that during the years 2019-2020, the Turkish authorities carried out many political extermination campaigns under the pretext of “the Kurdistan Communities Union” and exerted great pressure on Kurdish institutions.

Dijla Muftioglu noted that at least one journalist was subjected to arrest during each raid, with the aim of banning the media along with those other institutions, and added in this regard: "Every person who opposes the authority is considered a" terrorist ". Unfortunately, journalists also did not escape this. Many world circles criticized Turkey because of these conditions, the Turkish state is trying through these practices to legalize repression, but everything has become clear.

whatever the authorities aim to suppress this pioneer force, journalists will continue to write, produce and bring the truth to society. "

“In sensitive stages, they seek to intimidate through the arrest campaigns."

Dijla Muftioglu noted that July 14 was chosen to carry out campaigns of arrests and arrests, as this day is considered an important historical turning point in the history of the Kurdish people's resistance.Dijla noted that this situation is not new, and that the Turkish authorities have practiced genocide campaigns throughout its long history, and continuously seeks to intimidate the people and intimidate political activists.

We must not be silent

Dijla Muftioglu, at the end of her speech, affirmed that journalists will always continue to reveal the facts against oppression, persecution and detention campaigns, and called on journalists to act according to the principles of journalistic work.

Muftioglu pointed out that repression and persecution did not target journalists, but rather the right of society to obtain information, and called on everyone to raise their voice, and not to remain silent about this repression.



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