Displaced from Idlib: Mercenaries’ work limited to accompanying, protecting Turkey, holding its critics accountable

Abdel Rahman al-Hussein, a displaced person from Idlib city, described the work of the mercenary gangs affiliated with Turkey as a "betrayal" of Idlib people, noting that they are busy with holding the civilians who criticize Turkey accountable even if on the social media sites, accompanying Turkish columns and protecting their points.


Eighteen families from Idlib’s displaced have recently arrived at Rasm al-Akhdar camp, located in the southeast of Manbij city, and have temporarily landed until the Civil Democratic Administration in Manbij and its countryside finish the construction work in the camp, specially prepared for Idlib people in Manbij. It is suggested to be ready to receive Idlib people within next few days.

Our agency (Hawar) visited the temporary camp and interviewed one of Idlib displaced, Abdel Rahman al-Hussein who had fled Jerjenaz which witnessed the bombing as the result of the Russian-Turkish deal that led to the destruction of Idlib people’s homes, announcing the start of displacement that Turkey had placed in its map of the plan to complete the demographic change project on the Syrian soil, but the Syrian Democratic Forces tore up that map by declaring to receive Idlib people.

Abdel Rahman al-Hussein confirmed that they have displaced from their town for the first time to Aleppo western countryside as a result of the battles there, and have been forced to flee again for the same reasons to the northern regions on the Turkish border.

Al-Hussein pointed out that the living conditions were very difficult and bad, stressing that he was unable to secure the food for his children in light of the high prices.

He made clear that the prices of fuel and foodstuffs are almost fictional, as the price per barrel of diesel has reached more than $ 150, and the price of a bread bundle exceeds 400 Syrian pounds.

Al-Hussein touched on the talk about the Turkish observation points, and said: "The Turkish guarantor entered the Syrian territories under the pretext of stopping the progress of the regime and began establishing 12 observation points, aiming at preventing the progress of the regime. Within five months, the military operations in Idlib and its countryside renewed, and after a while the regime forces advanced in more than one region, besieged several Turkish observation points, and these points became within the control of the regime."

Al-Hussein stressed that Turkey did not provide anything beneficial to the civilians in Idlib. It only provided progress to the regime with all comfort.

Hussein also described Turkey and Russia as partners in killing the Syrian people, displacement, and destroying homes. He continued, "The mercenaries owned weapons and ammunition, but they disappeared with the advancement of the regime, and no one knows how all these weapons suddenly disappeared."

Regarding the work of the mercenaries in those areas, he said: "The mercenary factions are busy with accounting the civilians who criticize Turkey even if on the social networking sites. They no longer has a job other than accompanying the Turkish columns and protecting Turkish points."

Abdel Rahman thanked the Syrian Democratic Forces for receiving them in the areas of the Autonomous Administration, as they were received by Jaish al-Thuwar (the Revolutionary Army) which is a faction related to the Syrian Democratic Forces, and they were transferred to the camp.

He pointed out that their only refuge if the Syrian Democratic Forces did not receive them would be the closed Turkish border wall, and their fate would be sniping by the Turkish army.

He believed that the sympathetic and humanitarian initiative of the Syrian Democratic Forces with Idlib people indicates their concern for the lives of the Syrian people.

Abdel Rahman described the northern and eastern regions of Syria as "the best", and hopes that the next will be better after his arrival.



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