Documentation Center:Shipwreck off Algerian coast claims 34 lives

A documentation center revealed the names of a number of Syrian victims who lost their lives in the immigration boat that shipwrecked off the Algerian coast on Monday night.

On Tuesday, the Violations Documentation Center stated that a boat carrying 22 Syrian immigrants, including women and children set off on Monday night from the city of Al-Arhat in the Algerian state of Tipaza towards Spain, but it was reported to have drowned hours later.

However, the Center updated its information and confirmed that the number of Syrians in the sunken boat was 26 immigrants, and today it published the names of a number of victims who were recovered by the Algerian Coast Guard, and they are: “Salah Youssef, Yasmine Jawdat Saadi, Halima Muhammad Mustafa, Adib Dali and his wife (whose name was not known), Farman Adeeb Daly, Salah Mahmoud Youssef, Mahmoud Karau Khalil, the spouses Masoud Mustafa Muhammad and Ola Abd al-Razzaq, Larin Muhammad, Amira Muhammad Habash, Ahmed Kiko, from Kobani Canton.

Married couple Jamila Muhammad Ali and Sheyar Muhammad, and their son Azad Sheyar Khalil from Afrin Canton.

The Documentation Center said that 8 Algerian immigrants lost their lives in the same boat.



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