Documents: Turkish army expected Russian support for Armenia against Azerbaijan in the event of conventional war

Ankara is trying hard to spread chaos in its surroundings and fuel conflicts between neighbors through the policy of "divide and rule", as secret documents revealed Turkey's role in the ongoing conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

A secret military statement obtained by the Swedish "Nordic Monitor" website revealed the Turkish army's belief that Russia will support Yerevan against Baku in the event of a conventional war, and that a prolonged crisis could lead to an escalation of clashes in the region.

The military statement revealed the Turkish role in igniting the war between its ally Azerbaijan and Armenia, and its readiness for a state of war since 2015, after it confirmed Russian support for Armenia.

According to the military statement on a training program for the Turkish Armed Forces in 2015-2016, Kholsy Akar, then chief of the General Staff and current Defense Minister, stressed the possibility of a traditional war between Azerbaijan and Armenia.

In a directive to the relevant military and Coast Guard commanders in June 2016, Akar said that Russia could support Armenia against Azerbaijan in the event of conventional war, and therefore Turkey should support the Azerbaijani armed forces by providing military training and joint organization.

The Swedish website found the statement of military guidance in a judicial case file in Ankara, to which Prosecutor Serdar Kochkun attached secret documents to the investigation, which took place at the headquarters of the General Staff in the aftermath of the failed coup on July 15, 2016.

In the agreement, both countries pledge to cooperate in improving the capabilities of the defense industry through more effective cooperation in the areas of development, production, procurement, and maintenance of military and defense equipment, as well as technical and logistical support, information exchange and research in this field.


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