Dozens of mercenaries killed in Serêkaniyê

 Dozens of mercenaries have been killed in the SDF's response to their attacks on the town of Serêkaniyê.

The Turkish occupation army and its warplanes continue to bombard the city of Serêkaniyê with various types of heavy weapons at the same time, the occupation army intensified its Syrian mercenaries to incursion on the ground, but the SDF repelled the mercenaries and fierce clashes are now erupting in several locations.

ANHA correspondents said dozens of mercenaries were killed as the SDF responded to mercenary attacks in the Maji hamlet, the town of Tel -Halaf and the industrial zone in the town of Serêkaniyê.

The violent clashes are still ongoing on all its strength; Turkish mercenary websites have started posting pictures of their dead on social media.



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