Dozens of Yazidis, Christians' villages emptied, destroyed by Turkish attacks

The Yazidis and Christians who are living in Serêkaniyê, Tirbespiyê, Dêrik and Qamishlo suffered since 7 years from the exodus and brutal practice against them, where Human Rights Organizations are still ignoring the massacres which committed by Turkish occupation and its mercenaries against them.  

Perhaps the most affected communities of the Turkish attack and the barbarism of its mercenaries, from the remains of ISIS, Jabhat al-Nusra and Ahrar al-Sham supported by Turkey, are the Yezidis and Christians in Rojava and northern Syria in general, where the threats of the Turkish state and its mercenaries did not stop their slaughter and burning their villages and forced them to convert to a religion other than their religion or kill them, This is what Christians and Yazidis suffer today in both Serêkaniyê, Tirbespiyê, Dêrik

In Serêkaniyê the scenario of chasing and committing war crimes against the Yezidis and Christians is repeated again by the Turkish occupation army and mercenaries after their attacks in 2012 and 2013, which burned the Yazidi villages and slaughtered the Yazidi clerics in the villages of Asadiya, Dardara and Cava in Serêkaniyê and dragged their bodies in the city roads. And its villages.

Since the beginning of the Turkish attack on northern Syria, in particular Serêkaniyê, where 14 Yezidi and Christian villages in the countryside of Serêkaniyê have been emptied, such as: Can Temir ê Mezin, Sikeriya, Mirîkîs, El-Esediye, Dirdara, Cava, Seîd, Şêxhemûd, Xirbet Benat, Telîliye, El-Dirêî, Til Sexir, neighborhood Zeredeşt in the east of the city where the children of the Yazidis community are residing there, In Tirbespiyê 9 Yazidis and Christian villages have been emptied due to indiscriminate and violent shelling  

Ilyas Sido, a member of the administrator council of the Yazidi House in Al-Jazeera region, spoke about the latest living conditions of the Yazidis in northern Syria, saying: "Because of the barbaric aerial and ground bombardment, the Turkish attack completely destroyed the villages of Khirbet al-Banat and Tel –Khanzer, east of Serêkaniyê in full, dozens of villages near the border have been emptied due to deliberate shelling of our villages.

For his part, the co-chair of the Yazidi House, Ziad Abdul, appealed to the United Nations and humanitarian organizations to rush to save the people from terrorism and to ensure their safe return to their villages, saying: "After the truce, none of us will be able to return without these mercenaries and terrorists out of the border because they are war criminals and they are against humanity. They are continuing to bomb and killing our people inside the city and its villages, so we appeal to the international community and the United Nations to follow what is happening on the ground and to put pressure on Turkey to get out of our areas so that the Yezidis, Christians and other religious components can safely return to their homes. ''



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