Dubbins: Democratic administration in northern, eastern Syria is an example to be followed by international community

The British delegation answered a question by our correspondent about what they noticed in the region, saying that the democratic administration that exists here in the north and east of Syria is an example that the international community should follow, thanking the achievements of the Autonomous Administration at all levels.

During the British delegation's visit to Kobani and after meeting with officials in the Euphrates Autonomous Region, the delegation answered a question asked by our correspondent.

Our correspondent asked the visiting delegation, "To what extent have you noticed the improvement of the mechanism of the Autonomous Administration at the political and service levels from the municipalities, education, energy?"

Simon Dubbins, responsible of the International Relations Department of UNITE union, said, "This was the second time I visited the area. The last visit was in April last year. The area was almost collapsed due to the attacks of ISIS, However, we have now noticed much progress at all levels."

Dubbins thanked the Autonomous Administration for the achievements of the administration at all levels, saying " On behalf of the British Parliament, and the International Coalition Forces that participated in supporting the Autonomous Administration, we thank the administration for its achievements at all levels."

Dubbins concluded by saying, "This democratic administration, which exists here in the north and east of Syria, is an example to be followed by the international community. The development and progress achieved here during this brief period is great."



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