During 2 meetings: Conspiracy aims to obliterate reality

Each of Sherawa District Council in Afrin and the Teachers Union in Dêrik city held on Wednesday two separate meetings denouncing the international conspiracy against the Kurdish people leader Abdullah Ocalan.


The 15th of February is considered a black day in the Kurdish circles due to the arrest of the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan in this day. Every year, the Kurdish people condemn the conspiracy that targeted the leader in this day, and they demand to release him.


The Teachers Union in Dêrik organized a meeting for the teachers of Dêrik area in Qamişlo canton about the international conspiracy that targeted Ocalan, and that was held at Dijla Center for Culture and Art in the presence of dozens of teachers.

The administrator of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) Saleh Dêrik said in the meeting, "The day of February 15th is a disgrace to the whole humanity."

Dêrik added, "The arrest of the leader Abdullah Ocalan is a black day for the peoples of the Middle East in general and the Kurdish people in particular. There are agreements to stop the struggle of the Kurdish Liberation Movement and the peoples who are eager for freedom. The goal of the conspiracy on Ocalan is to obliterate the reality."

Dêrik added, "The history is the chains linked together. At each stage and according to the conditions, circumstances and agreements, history was written. The history of the Kurdish people, starting from the Hooris to the present, is a history full of struggle and will, but the colonial countries aim to change the balance according to their interests through the massacres and inhuman practices."

Dêrik concluded, "The colonial countries aim at extinguishing the light of truth that has spread among the people eager for freedom, but their goals will not be achieved due to the people's resistance against them."

The meeting ended with chanting the slogans that salute the resistance of the leader and philosopher of the democratic nation Abdullah Ocalan.


Sherawa District Council in Afrin canton organized a meeting for the residents of Ziyareteh, Aqibeh, Khurebkeh and Soghenkeh villages to denounce the international conspiracy that targeted the Kurdish people leader Abdullah Ocalan.

Dozens of the people of the mentioned villages attended the meeting held by Sherawa District Council in Ziyareteh village in Sherawa district of Afrin canton

During the meeting, the administrator in the Democratic Society Movement Asmehan Hassen said, "The international conspiracy against the leader Abdullah Ocalan was agreed on by several countries, especially the Turkish state."

Asmehan added that the aim of the conspiracy is to strike the thought and philosophy of the Kurdish people leader which are followed by millions of the Kurdish people and other peoples."

Asmehan confirmed, "The freedom of Ocalan means the freedom of the Kurdish people," and she stressed that they will follow the resistance's approach until he will be released.

Asmehan concluded, "In the Turkish prisons, there are those who resist the fascism of Turkey. Today, the resistance of Leyla Guven and her comrades confirms that the Kurdish people will not be bored demanding the freedom of the leader Abdullah Ocalan."

Furthermore, the meeting ended with chanting the slogans that salute Ocalan's resistance in Imrali prison.



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