Echoes of the commando operation in Mersin - Şukru GEDÎK

The rampage against the Mazaitli police station in Mersin on 26 September and the ensuing recent discussions remain major. The People's Defence Forces (HPG) adopted this commando operation. It is worth mentioning that this type of operation appeared to suit the nature of modern warfare. It's like Operation Zeilan (Zeinab Knaghi) on June 30, 1996 in Dersm. As is known, in the 1990s, private war gangs Dogan Gonç, Mihmet Agar, Tanso Çîler, who were army, police and government commanders, launched the concept of a war of extermination.

The signal came from abroad and the special warfare instrument was activated

First, they started a clean-up movement inside the state apparatus. Some high-ranking figures, including then President Turgut Ozal and gendarmerie commander Ashraf Bedless, were killed. After the elimination of the state wing that wanted to resolve the Kurdish issue, it was the role of the Kurdistan Freedom Movement. Mountains and rocks were shelled, countless villages were burned and destroyed, the area was evacuated from the population, and countless "unknown perpetrator" crimes. Military operations were carried out against Guerrilla fighters, and cross-border attacks were launched with the aim of mass destruction. In addition, they arrived at leader Ocalan and detonated an explosive device in front of a training school in Damascus. They brought Turkey into a dark war period.

The stage is now similar and worse

Operation Comrade Zeilan was a response to the Turkish state's dirty and comprehensive war-related attacks. She's become the pioneer of the commando operation style. Our current stage is similar and even worse. Turkey's fascist state is expanding its attacks and launching more serious attacks. Always attacked in a wide area and very randomly. Internal, external, military and political genocide continue uninterrupted. The HPG leadership described these exterminations as survival or eradication. She called on the people and said, "Everyone has to do everything they can." The commando operation carried out in Mersin is the process of this phase.

Statements that emerged after Operation Mersin took another direction. In order to better understand the issue, the PKK's approach and leadership towards violence and their approach to peace must be understood. leader Ocalan described violence outside legitimate defence as a "crime". The PKK is a leader's movement committed to this will. Legitimate defence against the Turkish state's fascist attacks has made the operation of comrade Zeilan and the spirit of self-sacrifice necessary. This is clear enough and a foreseeable backlash.

The style of struggle of this age requires it

One must take into account the stage at which we are going through, and assess Mersin's process on this basis. The struggle of this era requires it. The peace march, which was a major issue, was painful for the PKK. From the 1993 ceasefire until today, all ceasefire operations have been unilateral. Taking Guerrilla troops out of borders was risky decisions. 500 Guerrilla fighters were martyred only when they crossed the border. The greatest peace fighter was undoubtedly leader Ocalan. Take into account the dangers of war stages and pursue peace. I sent a peace committee, declared a ceasefire and put the PKK on this march. Leader Ocalan knows more than anyone the value of peace and has shown understanding about it, but his hand for peace has remained unanswered.

They have granted frontier advantages to fascist dictator Erdogan. He has always ignored the Kurdish freedom movement and, by using it in accordance with his political interests, brought the Kurdish problem to the present day. Now it gives no chance but destruction. Impose severe isolation on leader Ocalan and impose destruction on the freedom movement. This situation must be well absorbed and perceived. People who give their words, show attitudes and assume important roles in war and peace, must do so in proportion to the seriousness and sensitivity of the problem.

People who want to say their word must contribute to peace.

The fact that this topic is discussed on virtual media will not lead to good results. When all uninterested people participate in debates and conduct the topic in each direction, the talk loses its value. We must recognize that the rhetoric and style that call for greater crisis and prolongation of problems are not constructive. At such a stage, demonstrating intentions and positions that fuel fire will be counterproductive and lead to unnecessary discussions. Debates will be more harmful than useful. There are two parties to this war and ultimately these parties will need to work together. People who have a say in such a vital issue as the cause of peace are required to participate in the subject from their position, contribute to and pursue peace.

T/ Satt.