Economic Body launches projects to develop livestock in Kobani

In order to develop livestock, Economic Body in Kobani canton has established sheep breeding projects in Girê Spî and Kherab Ato village belonging to Qanaya in Kobani.

In order to raise and increase the number of healthy sheep to benefit from them next year, Kobani canton's Economic Body started sheep raising projects, where it opened a project in the village of Kherab Ato belonging to Kobani district, where 200 sheep are being raised.

The Economic Body aims to establish these projects to raise healthy sheep and increase their numbers to benefit from their products in the coming year.

In this context, the administrator in the Economic Body in Kobani canton Khalil Sheikh said that the sheep will be taken care of until next year and said: "Their products will be sold in Kobani and if they are needed in the villages of Kobani, they will be sold in the villages as well."



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