Education Committee commemorated martyr Egîd Çîlo

The Education Committee of KCK commemorated martyr Egîd Çîlo, who was martyred in a traffic accident by a statement.


The Education Committee of KCK issued a statement commemorating Egîd Çîlo, a member of the Education and Kurdish Language Committee, who was martyred in Rojava on February 13 after a traffic accident.

The statement said:

"We have received with great sadness and sorrow the news of the martyrdom of the member and worker of our committee, Egîd Cilo, as a result of a traffic accident, doubtlessly, this sadness is not a passing grief because of the deep meaning of the unlimited struggle in the work and the deep influence of his love for others that he has left in our hearts and souls.

The martyr Egîd Çîlo who was trained by the leader Ocalan, talks about the leader and that stage: "When the leader trains others, he puts them in front of deep accountability for themselves. The leader gives strength to the people who train them and convince them of the idea," I can succeed in everything " he builds the self-confidence in oneself, will and strength to achieve victory."

Our comrade has spent a lot of his revolutionary life in the field of education and language and has been successful, especially in the field of Kurdish language with his national affiliation and his work for many years and continuously. In one of his writings he spoke about the position that must be taken towards education and the Kurdish language.

With the beginning of the Rojava Revolution, Comrade Egîd took his place in the revolution, especially in the field of education and the Kurdish language, and contributed with great effort to work without interruption to reach thousands of teachers and tens of thousands of students. He has become an example due to his cleverness, his patience, his creativity, his high spirit, his activity and his developmental and educational style.

On this basis, we express our condolences to his patriotic family and to all his comrades and the people of Kurdistan."



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