Egypt accuses Turkey of interfering in Arab countries without any legal basis

Today, the Egyptian Foreign Ministry launched a new attack with a very sharp tone against Turkey, accusing it of interfering militarily and politically in the affairs of the Arab countries without any legal support and in violation of the resolutions of the UN Security Council.

In a statement issued, the Egyptian Foreign Ministry Spokesman, Ahmed Hafez, expressed his "amazement" at the statements of some Turkish officials regarding the legitimacy of the calls recently made by some Libyan parties to Egypt to request intervention in the conflict.

The spokesman pointed out that these calls represent "a demand by the Libyan elected and societal parties for Egyptian support to confront terrorism and extremism that is brought to Libya from Syria after it was deployed in Syria across the Turkish-Syrian border, and in various parts of the Arab region."

The spokesman expressed his surprise at what he described as "the adventure of the Turkish administration with the capabilities of the Turkish people through interference and involvement in the crises of the Arab countries to deepen and complicate them, and to overpower certain currents not for their popularity, but simply because of their ideological dependency on those who seek to promote them in a way that wastes the resources of the Turkish people."

The spokesman stressed Egypt's rejection of "Turkish political and military interventions in the Arab affairs," saying that these interventions lack any legal basis, and even violate Security Council resolutions, whether in Iraq, Syria or Libya."

The Egyptian diplomat concluded his statement by saying that "the Arab peoples refuse any efforts or ambitions for those who want to run their affairs to achieve interests and goals they have nothing to do with."

This comes against the backdrop of the recent military escalation in Libya, where the forces of al-Wegaq Government managed, with the support of Turkey, to achieve tangible field progress at the expense of the "Libyan National Army" led by Khalifa Haftar and reach the outskirts of Sirte city.

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